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Product Design & Capabilities

At Hedstrom Plastics we are focused on achieving your success through product design, development, and manufacturing. If you’re ready to get your project moving forward, fill out the Request a Quote form below or ask us a question to get started.


In-House Engineering & Mold Shop Capabilities

Hedstrom employees working with molds
  • Our in-house Engineering Staff offers product and tooling design, so we can turn your idea into an actual product.

  • Our In-house mold and maintenance shop is capable of fabricating frames and fixtures.

  • Production runs three shifts, five to seven days per week by a committed team with significant rotational molding experience.

  • We are ISO9001-2015 Certified with Quality Control auditors covering our 5-7 day / 3 shift operations.

Revolutionize Your Product

Production image
  • We provide rotational molding processing in polymer resins and PVC. 

  • We have in-house mixing capabilities for vinyl and polyethylene compounds, which makes us  more competitive by allowing for more color options and keeps us cost-effective by being able to purchase materials in large volumes.

  • We mold LLDPE, high density, low density, cross-link, vinyl, EVA, nylon, micro pellets, polypropylene and regrind materials and specialize in vinyl and EVA molding, giving you more options for your product.

Complete Custom Assembly Solutions

Manufacturing employee
  • We offer foaming capabilities for insulating and structural requirements with additional assembly services, including trimming, drilling, router work, spin weld fittings, threaded inserts, in-mold labeling, product assembly and packaging.

  • With 2 facilities and 24 machines, we have the warehousing capacity to handle large and small production runs.

  • Our Five-axis CNC router with dual 5’ tables accurately finishes various sizes and configurations of parts with an automatic tool changer for faster changes between cuts.



  • Creates hollow plastic products via heated rotational molds.
  • Choose from a variety of vinyl and PE materials. 
  • Tool design flexibility permits molds to include logos, inserts, slots for plastic or metal inserts, and curves/contours.


  • Create plastic parts by injecting molten plastic into
    metal mold at high pressure.
  • Choose from a variety of plastic materials including
    PP and most engineered plastics.
  • Ideal for producing large quantities of the same part
    at repeatable high tolerances.

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