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Mold Shop/Fabrication

Hedstrom has a staff of skilled craftsmen to support the maintenance and repair of our customer’s tooling. The shop has complete in-house machining capabilities consisting of mills, lathes, cutting, welding and fabrication equipment.

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We have long term relationships with many tooling suppliers within the US, Europe, and China to fit the needs of our customers from high-end CNC tools to quality cast tooling. Every tool that is run in production is tagged, reviewed, maintained and repaired as needed before being green tagged and returned to storage for the next run.

As an extension of our Engineering group, this department is capable of designing, machining and fabricating support equipment or fixtures to aid in our Poka-Yoke processes that assure quality. We specialize in developing unique design and manufacturing solutions to satisfy our customers’ requirements. The quality of their workmanship protects our customer’s capital investment in tooling.

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