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Quality Control

Our rotomolding operation is 7P compliant and certified to ISO9001:2015. ISO registration ensures specific quality guidelines are being met. Our strong committed quality control department maintains 24-hour product inspections.

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Hedstrom Plastics carries the ISO 9001: 2015 certified in our Ashland plants and our registrar
is BSI. Our rotomolding company utilizes Lean Manufacturing concepts for the Continuous Improvement process. Hedstrom has full PPAP capabilities: PFMEA, control plans, flow charts, capability studies and dimensional layouts.

Process documentation, product specification sheets and work instructions are utilized for repeatability to achieve the expected quality requirements. Our Corrective Action procedures are being developed and analyzed on a continuous basis.

Standard equipment and testing include calipers, gauges, fixtures, impact testing, melt flow indexer, destructive performance, ultrasonic wall thickness and CMM inspections as required.

Our rotomolding company utilizes a Faro Arm, which is a precision measuring device that will enhance the inspection of product to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Ashland’s staff includes the Quality Assurance Manager, QA technician and a QA auditor per shift. Our facility is a 7P Phthalate compliant facility that meets the requirements set forth by the CPSIA.

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